It’s late.  I should be asleep, but, I’m thinking about my kid.

I’m still learning so much about #2’s Asperger’s Syndrome.  It’s still a fairly new thing, being that he just got his official diagnosis before school got out.  I’m relieved in a way and then I have moments I find myself watching him when he’s in his own realm and I think “This is not fair.”  I guess that’s a normal thing.  He could have so much worse wrong with him. 

I do wonder if he’s going to be like Jerry on “Boston Legal.”  Will he learn social cues?  Will he be able to have one on one relationships with people?  I don’t want him to be a novelty.

  There is much to Trevor.  Sometimes, he blows my mind with the intensity in which he loves family members and others.  Like today, I came home from work at lunch.  He didn’t know I was coming and it was as though Spongebob Squarepants walked in the door.  Before I left to go back, he said “Mom, I’m SO glad you came home.”

He adores his daddy.  He wants nothing more than to be the seventh Grascal.  He thinks of those guys as his best buddies and he loves nothing more than being with that bunch of retards.  It’s deep with him.  I hope people in his life that will come along that he will care about will understand that about him.

Then, I read blogs like this and it reenforces the notion I have that my kid is special and destined for great things.  I picture #2’s greatness involving show business and Presidents of the United States.  He’s quite the expert on both of those things.