Y’all…I thought the time I was about 20 months pregnant and walked into the men’s room at McDonald’s was my official “I have lost my mind” moment.  At least then, it was hot out and I was hugely pregnant.  I had an excuse that day.

I think I topped that today.  I came home at lunch to get #2 to drop him at Hazel’s house.  The Manchild was wanting some of his generic Co-Colas (that’s a nod to P. Wayne Simpson for all you former Franklin Band members).  I was going to run up to the Chik Fil A to grab lunch but decided against that when I saw cars wrapped around the entire building.  I was running short on time.  I was in a hurry, baby.

I decided to scrap the idea of Chicken and went across the street to the Kroger. The wind was blowing, the sky was dark, it was lightning and rain was starting to fall.  I had #2 with me and because loud noises freak him out, sometimes he tends to get really slow in a situation that he should be hauling ass. This was one of those times.  We get out of the car, run in the store, get three things, do the self-checkout and I’m out in about 3 – 5  minutes. 

While at the self checkout, I couldn’t find my keys.  I figured they were in the car on the seat or something.  We run back out to the car and I found the keys…not only were they in the car….the car was RUNNING. 

Shut up.  I was in a hurry.