How much you wanna bet I was the only person at the Y Swimming pool today that had Christmas songs running across their headphones?   I didn’t do it on purpose.  I just got my older mp3 player out and I didn’t remember what was on it. 

Imagine my surprise when I hear James Taylor start in on how “Christmas future is far away, Christmas past is past”  and then go into Nat King Cole’s “All I Want For Christmas” while it’s about 90 degrees out and I smell like coconut. 

The Drama Queen is safely ensconced at Navarre Beach.  Dang her.  I probably shouldn’t have let her go and wouldn’t have if it would’ve been any other friend.  Some day, I’m going to have a friend who will invite me to the beach.  No, wait…I did have a friend who invited me to Destin, oddly enough, the summer of 7th grade.

Her name was Ginger.  She was a neat girl.  She was a typical, only child, though, who wanted the mirror space all to herself.  I remember on that trip, her mother hounded her constantly.  Ginger ran track at Brentwood Academy and her mother pushed her and was so critical of her.  I felt sorry for her.  No clue whatever became of Ginger.  Anybody?

I do believe I saw Jamey Tucker and his chilluns in the produce section of Wal Mart today.  I should’ve spoke to him.  I mean, him, Short and Fat and me are the only Hendersonville bloggers I know of.  Actually, I wasn’t 100% sure it was him until I got home.  I did not know he was a Hendersonvillian.  Hmm.

Mr. Smiff is back in town.  He’s downtown at this very moment performing at Fan Fair.  Hate I missed it.  (Insert sarcasm here.)

Something is flying in the air that is tearing my poor nose right on up.  I don’t know what it is, but, I have spent the whole weekend sneezing, snorting and itching. 

I was a heathen and missed church. Bad Sista.

I’ve been watching a marathon of “Miami Ink” and have been pondering what kind of tattoo I would get, if I ever were to go down the Tat road.  I honestly have no idea.  I would want something really unique and interesting.  Not some silly butterfly or heart, like every other person has.