I would really like to go to bed, however, I’m in a bit of a quandry. 

 There are three guys in my bed:  Mr. Smiff, the Manchild and #2 are doing some heavy duty male bonding watching Family Guy.  I went in there and tried to get in on the fun, but, it was clear that this was a Guy Thing.

Never mind none of them has to get up tomorrow and serve the people of the Volunteer State.  They can sleep til Ellen comes on if they want to (the MC has been going til noon the past few days).  I guess I should let the bonding go on since the Mr. is not the type of Dad that goes fishing or hunting or things like that with his children.  No, in this house we bond over television and guitars.

I’m still tired and itchy.  I bet I’ve taken 8 Benadryls today and even a Claritin and I’m still itching like crazy.  My feet, hands, wrists are making me nuts.  I’m having visions that I’m turning into my mother who lived at the beach as a teen and young adult and suddenly somewhere became allergic to the sun and would break out after being out in it.

I was at the pool over the weekend, getting a fairly late start to my tan thing (shut up…I don’t look like leather and I don’t bake til black.  Just a little cullah is all) and ever since, I’ve been itching.  It seems I may have done this last year at the beginning of the summer. 

Gid gad…I am so turning into my mother.  Just slap me if I start warning you about drunk lesbians in the subway.

Ok…bonding done.  I’m going to bed.