jag-and-ivy.jpgThis was fairly early in the evening

While this one, drunk-malia.jpg was much later. 

 justin-and-brit.jpgOf course, the reason for the whole shebang was to love on Brittney, however, I also took the opportunity to love on that adorable Justin a little.  Can you believe Ginger had to get in  MY picture with MY new boyfriend?  sharon-justin-and-ginger.jpgThere were only about 50 other pictures with her and Justin made, but, no, she had to be in my picture. 

My, but, there were numerous handsome young fellers there.  Where did they come from?  I couldn’t get over how young these guys all are and being reminded how old I am.  I mean, even Chris Wage is but a mere pup.

See the other pictures on my Flickr over there> or over there <. 

I found myself in a bit of a quandry when I was leaving.  Seems the parking people want you out of the parking lot by 10:00.  I left at 10:07.  I couldn’t get out of the parking lot.  I thought I was gonna have to jump the curb, but, my brother CLC was kind enough to rescue me.  I think he had to rescue some other damsels in distress for the same reason before me.  That C is handy to have around.