biff___hank.jpgHe was present during some key moments in musical history.  He was one of the first people outside the Southeast to expose the country to a gangly guy from Montgomery and a wiggly boy from Memphis. 

biff_in_action.jpgHe had friends in high places and he was just as comfortable in front of a microphone or a television camera or studying his Sunday School lesson.

mail.jpgI think this was his favorite role though. He waited a long time for fatherhood and he absolutely loved it.  He wasn’t always perfect as a parent by any means, but, my sharon__biff___sandra.jpgsister and I never wound up in jail and we have turned out to be pretty good people.

I miss moments like this the most. biff___one_of_his_treasures.jpg I knew at this point he probably wouldn’t be around much longer (7 months) still, I didn’t think he’d ever actually go anywhere and there was a ton more stuff I wish I could’ve asked him or talked about with him. 

Mr. Smiff is loved and cherished by his children, too.  He loves them even more.mail0003.jpg