sharon-cherry-susan.jpgI started out Tuesday with hair like this.  (I’m shown here with my co worker gals Susan and Cherry.  We’re in Co-Worker Dave’s cube taking silly pictures sending him while he’s away at Reserves for a couple weeks.) What you can’t see from that fur a distance is that my hair was jacked right on up.  I was starting to resemble a hag. A tanned hag.  I’m getting me a nice tan, aren’t I?

Then, Tuesday after work, I made a trip here, to the Color (Cullah) Cafe.  Cheryl did some major work covering up my color-cafe.jpgfrightening amount of white hair (I will spare you pictures of me under the dryer with foil in my head).  After some cullah, a haircut, some hilarious stories from Cheryl (she is the funniest hairdo person I’ve ever had) she made me look like this blondie-sharon.jpg.  This is me right after Cheryl finished.  If I ever win the lottery, I’m hiring me a hair person to have at my disposal.  I can never make it look like they do. (Could I look any more tired-er than I do here?  Sheesh.  What can you do for bags under the eyes?)

I have so much gray hair, it’s scary.  You think I’m lying.  Look at this.

gray-hair.jpgSee that white stuff at my temples?  That is what the front of my head would look like if I didn’t color it.  Cheryl gave more highlights so when my gray roots grow in (my hair grows FAST. Like kudzu) it won’t be so much like they’re coming in screaming “We’re baaaa-aaack!”  I think this is the lightest my hair has ever been. 

Here’s a better picture from this morning.  I took this one cause Chris asked to see it.  hairdo-hall-of-fame.jpgNow I will find out if blondes do have more fun.  (It looks like I’m deep in prayer here.  I pray all the time.  I just don’t stop and close my eyes and do it)