Because I don’t blog on taxpayers time, I’m doing a few posts in a row.

I have a bit of a dilemna.  It’s a dilemna of the High School Reunion kind.  As in the 20th year reunion.  I know you’re thinking that your Sista is way too young to have been out of high school 20 years because I am so youthful looking (note bags under eyes in previous post), but, amazingly, it has been 20 years. 

The dilemna I have is thus: I went to two high schools.  Both reunions are in July.  They may even be on the same night.  Anyway, I went to the 10 year reunion for Franklin High School.  It was fun.  I’d like to see those people, however, I only went to school with those people two years.  (Actually, a year and a half) Even so, those were extremely memorable friendships and stuff.  I’d like to visit with some of those people.  (Patrick, if you are out there, remember our pact that we would be each other’s date?)

I’d also like to go to the Brentwood High School reunion.  I went to BHS my Freshman and Sophomore years.  A lot of these kids are the kids I go back to elementary school with. These are the kids I remember when they wore their shoes on the wrong feet and wetting their pants and stuff.

Bo says he probably won’t go.  I don’t know if Sam Huffman, Murrey Gropp and people like that will be there or not.  I would LOVE to see those people.  I mean, I would turn into a 10 year old again if I could hang out with those guys for an evening and it would be fun to see people I forgot existed. 

The problem is, I get these emails from BHS and see all these names on them that turn me into a terribly insecure 14 year old.  I don’t know why.  These people were never mean to me.  I was very mean to me though.  It’s sad.  I know a few of these people will remember me, but, then I get scared none of them will.

I do know that both reunions are both going to be held at hotels in Cool Springs.  It would be cool if they were held the same night.  What’s not cool is the FHS reunion costs $67 a head.  BHS’s probably costs something like that. 

What’s a girl to do?