Happy Friday night, cats and kittens!

I had big lunch plans today.  I decided that today would be the day I took the old cable box and traded it for a DVR.  There was nothing gonna stop me from doing this.  Not even getting a phone call from His Hutchness saying he was going to be at my office and did I want to lunch with him and Ginger.  “Why sure,” said the Sista…” I’d love to lunch with y’all, however, my priorities are highly intact.  Nevermind the fact that since last Friday, you have been in the Intensive Care Unit, receiving more than one blood transfusion, I’m getting my DVR today!” 

Losing all that blood has not in any way, shape or form messed up the Hutchmeister’s keen sense of where to eat.  He had a solution…we could go to Neely’s at Fountain Square and then swing by Comcast.  I didn’t know that place existed. So we had good food, fellowship AND most importantly, I can record my programs now. 

Hutch and I discussed our mutual love of Judy Holliday.  I holliday.jpglove, love, love Judy Holliday.  She was a brilliant, comedic actress/writer  of the 40’s and 50’s who died pretty young of breast cancer.  I had watched a movie with her yesterday and was babbling about that.  I think I got off on that tangent cause of my DVR.  Me and that stupid recorder.  I’m slapping myself silly for being so retarded about that.  I’m so thankful our pal is ok. 

I did feel  bad that Hutch drove.  He seems to take the whole “I’ve had blood transfusion” thing in stride.  Hutch is Hutch and I was pretty glad to see the old boy.  I hope he’s not overdoing it getting back at work so quick.  Easy, boy.

 On a totally unrelated note, sorta…Hutch said he wants to come out to the Station Inn next Saturday (6/30) to see Mr. Smiff and Them.  Others have expressed interest in coming. We can make it yet another excuse to get together and consume alcohol.   I wish you would.  It would make it look like I have friends.  I’m not quite so outgoing at these shows.  I don’t know if the bluegrass folk just don’t like me or perhaps they think I don’t like them.  I have been accused of being snotty.    (That’s that whole other persona I have that my blogging friends don’t know).  I think I somehow put off an unapproachable vibe.  I certainly don’t mean to.  I’m jacked up that way. So anyway, y’all pretend to be my friends and come down.

Meanwhile, I’m going to go play with my new DVR.  I’m so pumped about it! While I’m recording every program on tv, I will again thank the good Lord for Hutch and pray he stays well.