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Just Call Me Sophia…A Golden Girls Moment

I have been reminded more than once today just how tragically unhip I am.  I STILL don’t really know what Flugtag is, but, good grief, people have been talking like it was going to be the Second Coming of Elvis.  I thought “Surely this must be grand.  How sad that I’m so elderly and dull that I’m not in the middle of this.”

Then, I see this video and I’m scratching my head, sounding like my mother saying “That’s IT? That’s Flugtag?” 

A bit ago, me and the Smiff Boys ate and decided we needed frozen refreshment of the ice cream sort.  I wanted to go to Dairy Queen cause I wanted one of those Blizzards.  For some reason, I couldn’t think of what they’re called and I told the Manchild I wanted a “Blazer.”  He laughed at me for calling it that.

I think I had a cross between “blizzard” and “Brazier” in my head.  Remember when they used to call Dairy Queen’s “Brazier Stores?”  What the crap is a Brazier anyway?

So, we get up to the drive-up thing and the voice asked me what I wanted and I said (proudly) “I want a Butterfinger Blazer”, not realizing I had called it that.  I knew I had made a faux pas when the Manchild did his laugh he does when somebody does something stupid or somebody says the name of a body part…kinda like Beavis and Butthead.  “You said Blazer.”

Quick!  Call McKendree Manor and see if my room is ready!



saturday.jpgOur church had a big shebang this morning.  A summer kick off sorta thang, getting ready for VBS this week.  The Drama Queen and her friend had their faces painted.

The police department was there fingerprinting the kids.  fingerprinting.jpgThis is the first time I’ve ever had any of my kids fingerprinted.  Bad mother. It took some convincing to convince the Drama Queen that she should get fingerprinted.  She thinks she’s too old and far too sophisticated for that, but, #2’s new pal, Officer Garrett said it’s almost more important to get kids her age printed, so the DQ and her friend were booked properly.

Everybody should probably get fingerprinted.  If we ever turn up missing, ever in our lives, our fingerprints would be on file.  It’s kinda mind-blowing to think that out of all the people on the planet, not a one of us has the same fingerprint. 

Officer Garrett snuck #2 a special eraser.  Said not officer-garrett.jpgeverybody gets them.  #2 kinda affects people that way.

I Wanna Tell You All A Story…

I dreamed about Jeannie last night. Thank goodness, I didn’t dream about her what I dreamt about Porter (Twitterers!). I simply adore this song. Written by Tom T. Hall, this song took Jeannie C. Riley from being an unknown wife and mother to a huge celebrity, literally overnight.

I remember one time about 1976, it was at Christmastime and for some reason Jeannie and her bunch and us, and I don’t know who else was there, were at a nursing home and she sang this accapella. I remember she had on cool, lace up boots and she stood there and sang this for the old folks, patting her leg and it was great. Good people. Enjoy.