I have been reminded more than once today just how tragically unhip I am.  I STILL don’t really know what Flugtag is, but, good grief, people have been talking like it was going to be the Second Coming of Elvis.  I thought “Surely this must be grand.  How sad that I’m so elderly and dull that I’m not in the middle of this.”

Then, I see this video and I’m scratching my head, sounding like my mother saying “That’s IT? That’s Flugtag?” 

A bit ago, me and the Smiff Boys ate and decided we needed frozen refreshment of the ice cream sort.  I wanted to go to Dairy Queen cause I wanted one of those Blizzards.  For some reason, I couldn’t think of what they’re called and I told the Manchild I wanted a “Blazer.”  He laughed at me for calling it that.

I think I had a cross between “blizzard” and “Brazier” in my head.  Remember when they used to call Dairy Queen’s “Brazier Stores?”  What the crap is a Brazier anyway?

So, we get up to the drive-up thing and the voice asked me what I wanted and I said (proudly) “I want a Butterfinger Blazer”, not realizing I had called it that.  I knew I had made a faux pas when the Manchild did his laugh he does when somebody does something stupid or somebody says the name of a body part…kinda like Beavis and Butthead.  “You said Blazer.”

Quick!  Call McKendree Manor and see if my room is ready!