I made it through my first real Kickboxing class.  I’ve done “Kickboxing” before but it was more along the lines of that guy that did the Taebo.  Nothing wrong with that, it’s a good workout, but, to call it “Kickboxing” is kinda humorous after doing what I did last night.

I had on real boxing gloves and learned the whole stance and which hand is one and which one is two.  I doubt I will be able to move as the day progresses, but, it was fun. Great way to work out frustrations, fo sho.

The big thing I accomplished at the class, though, is the thing I hope to accomplish everytime I participate in such an activity….I did not wet my pants (in spite of Lord knows how many rounds of jumping jacks) and I did not pass gas. Woo! I was really fearful of the latter when doing those leg raises.  You know the thing when you lay on your back and lift your legs up and down.  I was so scared I was gonna let it rip but praise Jehovah, I did not.

Now, somebody pass the Aleve.