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Begin The Beguine


When I was a kid, CBS television would air “That’s Entertainment” at least once a year and it was a major event. It was for me, anyway. This was before cable and this movie is what I blame for making me fall in love with old movies and musicals. I’ve seen it no telling how many times. One of my favorite things ever.

TCM (my favorite channel) aired “That’s Entertainment” early this morning and I recorded it. I know I have it on a VHS tape somewhere but I haven’t seen it in a long time.

Me and Mr. Smiff love to watch this and marvel at the clips of Gene Kelly, Cyd Charisse, The Nicholas Brothers, Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, etc. I love the clip of Astaire dancing with the coat rack and on the ceiling…Gene Kelly was a freak of nature…but this clip with Fred Astaire and Eleanor Powell makes me want to cry it’s so incredible. It makes me want to buy me some tap shoes and get back in the closet like I used to do at my cousin’s house when I was little. Seriously…I love this clip. Frank was right when he said “We’ll never see the likes of this again.” Enjoy.

My Heart’s On Fire-ra

An Oak Ridge Sorta Day

So, I go to my regular, weekend spot, the swimming pool. I’m laying there in my chair, admiring the bang up job I did shaving my legs and in the middle of realizing, “Oh criminy…I missed a spot!” I look up and there is the one and only Richard Sterban walking towards me. Ok, not towards me, but, there I was in all my Sista Bathing Suit glory in the presence of Mr. Testosterone. It was somewhat surreal. I had thoughts of “Wonder if Richard is going to be like Speedo-Hairy Back-Guy (this man who comes to the pool who is hairier than William Lee Golden and wears a Speedo! Can you believe that? I wanted so bad to ask Mrs. Speedo-Hairy Back why in the name of Joe Bonsall she allowed her husband to go out in public like that. It’s wrong. Just wrong)but Richard stayed fully clothed the whole time.  He didn’t even swim but sat in the picnic area. I snapped a picture of Senor Sterban but for some reason, it never made it to my email.  If it ever shows up from out there in Internet Land, I’ll post it.

It’s not unusual to spot Richard around Hendersonville. Specially now since he’s got that smokin’ hawt long hair happening. I think he’s an interesting looking dude. We saw him at the Sounds game a few weeks back. Somebody like Richard is somewhat iconic.  I mean, I bet the phrase “Giddy-up-a-ooompapa-mow-mow” will be on his headstone.  Not only that, Richard sang with Elvis.  How cool is that?  To be able to roam around the streets of Hendersonville knowing you’ve sung with Elvis.  How does he sleep at night?  That’s just cooler than cool to me.  Now that JD Sumner is done gone to Glory, I bet Richard could be eligible for the “Lowest Note” record in Guiness. 

This, friends and neighbors,  is why Nashville (and surrounding areas) are so cool.  Speaking of Nashville, don’t forget to get your tickets for Bluegrass Night at the Ryman featuring that feller I shack up with and his crew. July 26. 

So, one Richard Sterban sighting on a summer day in Hendersonville is not odd, but, TWO? The Smiff Clan went to the new Casa Veija Mexican Grille(finally got my Corona and #2 begged me not to get drunk. ?? I guess cause I so rarely indulge in an adult beverage and I am so Holy and all they don’t want me to end up in the gutter) We’re sitting there enjoying this most good restaurant when here come Richard again, this time with his model-ish pretty wife.

I think he’s following me.