Maybe it’s the history buffette in me, but, I love reading about Presidents and their wives.  Presidents are fascinating mail0010.jpgto me, regardless of party or what their stance is/was on abortion and women’s rights.  That is so secondary to me.  I’m interested in their backgrounds…their childhoods,what makes them tick, but, especially, their wives are interesting to me.  I can’t imagine what it would be like to be married to the most powerful man in the world. 

I was always partial to Lady Bird.  Maybe it’s the Texas-ness of her and me being a grandchild of Texas and having such a heart for the Lonestar state.  Maybe how her husband ascended to the Office of President in such a bizarre way on November 22, 1963. 

Anytime I’ve ever watched that film clip of LBJ’s first address to the nation that horrible Friday, upon returning to Washington, DC with Lady Bird standing next to him, I’ve lbj-airport.jpgoften wondered what was going through her head.  

  Maybe it was her passion for the beautification of America, maybe it’s because the sound of her voice, to me, sounds like what blue bonnets would sound like if they could talk. She had that wonderful, Texas twang.  Her accent reminded me a little of my aunts and cousins.  lady-bird-flowers.jpg What a fabulous nickname she had, given to her by a nurse when she was a baby who said she was “Pretty as a ladybird.”

I loved her reply to a reporter when asking about LBJ’s supposed affairs and possible illegitimate son he fathered…”Lyndon loved people and half the population is women.  How could I have kept him away from half the population?”

I think I get a little wigged out about being married to a Bluegrass Music “Stah” and the weirdness and loneliness that comes with that.  I can’t imagine what it would have been like to be Lady Bird Johnson during the 60’s when her husband, who had inherited the Vietnam War, was trying to figure out what to do with that.  I’m sure she worried about her husband, as I do mine when he’s extremely busy and overworked.  I would imagine the stress of Vietnam contributed to LBJ not living to be an old man.

Lady Bird handled her role beautifully and as a Presidential widow.  She’s part of that era that is slowly dying out.  She was a strong, intelligent woman, for sure.  She was a college graduate in an era when that was kinda unusual for a Southern.  She was part of that pre-feminist era.  One lady-bird-johnson.gifwonders if some of these first ladies would have come along later, if they’d have had the opportunities that Hilary has had? 

Who knows?  I just think Lady Bird was fabulous.