crosstraining-tuesday-and-wednesday-116.jpg Meet Brown Dog Sammy.  He showed up in my friends’ yard a couple months ago.  He had on a collar and could tell he was well groomed.  He’s about a year old.  She knows he’s young cause his teeth are really white and healthy looking.  She put ads in the paper and nobody ever called for him.

Brown Dog Sammy weighs about 60 lbs, has not been neutuered and has the best disposition.  He’s very affectionate and obedient and will even sit when told to. 

My friend can’t keep him because she doesn’t have a crosstraining-tuesday-and-wednesday-117.jpgfenced yard and she already has a few dogs.  She really wants to find him a good home and a good owner..somebody who will spend time with him and take good care of him. 

If you are interested, hollah at me at I’ll put you in touch.