sweeney_pat.jpgToday, co-workers Dave and Cherry and me were leaving Rosepepper.  This woman walked by who I think was Pat.  Dave thanked me profusely for pointing out that Pat had bosoms and very hairy legs.  Said it made him throw up in his mouth. I’m almost 99%  sure Pat was a woman.  Or something like that.
Which brings me to this very important thing I’ve been pondering for days now.  Perhaps you can help shed light on it:

What is the deal with men losing their leg hair when they get in their mid 40’s or so?  I remember my dad lost the leg hair below his knees…Mr. Smiff is in the process of doing so and I saw a dude last night with the same issue.  I see it a lot at the swimming pool on the menfolk.  Mr. Smiff gets annoyed as hell cause he’s got nose hairs and ear hair that needs weedeating and he’s losing hair places he doesn’t want it.

What causes this?  Has this happened to you?

I wish it would happen to me!