tyler-terry-07.jpgThe Manchild is near about as tall as Mr. Smiff.  Mr. Smiff is a hair under 6’4.  I’m still amazed that this is that same little boy who used to pretend to do the weather.

ranger-doug.jpg#2 says to Ranger Doug “Didja know there’s gonna be a Toy Story 3?”  Ranger Doug says, “Yes, and they haven’t called us yet.”  I sure hope they do.  I think the Riders helped make Toy Story 2 so great.  Woody Paul is showing off the other Woody on his shirt.


Mr. Smiff says I look like his Hee Haw Honey in this one.  (Ivy, you shoulda never told me that!! Hee.)

gene-watson.jpgLegend Alert!  The Grascals crossing paths with the wonderful Gene Watson. 

connie.jpgLegend Alert II-Connie Smith gets prettier and prettier and sings better than ever.

sharon-cheryl-rosie.jpgThree of my favorite people…Sharon, Cheryl and Rosie White.  If I had to pick my top ten favorite singers…these girls are near the top of that list.  Country music is so great because sometimes you can admire artists and then when you grow up, you can call them friends.  That still blows my mind.

rosie-noah.jpgOnly at the Grand Ole Opry can you see a mom pushing a stroller with one hand and carrying a guitar in the other.  Rosie is great at multi-tasking.

trevor-on-the-bus.jpg#2 made quick pals with Donnie, the bus driver.  He was something of his “assistant”. 

It’s getting more and more rare that all 5 of us are together at things now that the older kids are busier.  We had a great time.  More pictures of a night at the Opry later.