terry-at-waffle-house.jpgIronic that Michael wrote this wonderful post about the Waffle House.  We ate there last night on the way home from the Opry.  I haven’t eaten there in ages. 

There’s a lot to see at the Waffle House.  There were some guys in a booth next to us.tyler-at-waffle-house.jpg (Behind the Manchild)  One got up and went next door to the Exxon station and brought one of the waitresses back a Red Bull.  It’s likely that was her boyfriend or something, but, regardless, it was interesting to me. 

One of the reasons I took this picture811039168_cb68d7c2ca_m.jpgwas because of the man in the background.  He was old and I wondered why a man who had to be in his 80’s, was out eating at the Waffle House at 11:00 at night, by himself?  He chain smoked and read a book the whole time.  I thought that was interesting.

Are all the planets lined up or something?  Pretty wild Michael wrote about it unbeknownst it was on my mind.

Thing is, we’ve eaten out a lot lately.  I can’t remember enjoying a meal out with my family more than I did this one.  Maybe it was because we had a wonderful evening together (The Drama Queen only rolled her eyes at me a dozen times), maybe it was cause the five of us  were crammed in this booth…maybe it was the interesting people.