I had a wonderful, dream of a Saturday. 

I’m glad these pictures got taken early in the festivities or there would’ve not been any group pictures made.  I got a few pictures in at Kate’s, but, somehow, just didn’t get around to taking lots of them.  815562042_e761f80da1.jpg

These are some hawt mamas here.  I don’t care who ya are.  Can you name them all?  I don’t have no cool prize to give away other than the priviledge of gazing upon the blogger-beauties.jpgvast lovlieness before you.  We look like we could break into “Now we’re not ones to go ’round spread rumors” don’t we? (Click on this picture so you can see Jag.  I thought I resized but I didn’t such a good job)

Speaking of beauties…Mr. and Mrs. Chez Bez are about as michael-hutch.jpgbeautiful as they come in every way.  It always does the old heart good to run across another Franklin Rebel, especially former Mr. Gatti’s employees and people who remember the days of fine, Franklin dining like Rax and when FHS smelled bad and had the likes of B. Nelson and Mr. Hankins and his styrofoam cup roaming around the building, making all us kids wonder what was in that cup.  

Ivy and I agree on how much we’d like to scoop Michael up and just put him in our pockets and carry him around.  I’d have Michael in one and Chris Wage in the other.  Mr. and Mrs. Jackson Miller are pretty darn cute, too.  My girl Lesley’s friend Donnie was an absolute and complete delight.  Ron is cute as a bug, too.  I think he was the other son of Johnny and June.  He reminds me SO much of John Carter Cash (who incidentally, has a new, wonderful book that I need to blog about.  Remind me)

Oh and the discovery of the day?  Chocolate beer?  When did they come up with that?  I guess it was in the last 15 years while I was changing diapers and being June Cleaver.  What a wonderful invention!  Not that I would know or anything, but, what a swell idea.

I got to meet the adorable Laura Creekmore at the Flying Saucer.  Jag (another Franklin Rebel!)and her cute husband (who reminds me of the boy that was on “The Courtship of Eddie’s Father”) were also at the Flying Saucer.  Klinde and the German made the rounds at both the Saucer and K & K’s.

The Dynamic Duo from Hooterville is always fun to be with.  I didn’t think they were going to make it and the mother in me called Squirrel Queen making sure they hadn’t been accosted by the Drunk Lesbians of Nashville.

Kate and Karsten know how to throw a party.  Their house is absolutely incredible.  Thank you for inviting me.  I have major house envy.

And something from the “No Way” file, I dreamed I touched Chris’s butt.  And Hutch’s.  Isn’t that crazy? Southern Belles as demure and genteel as I would never do such a thing, so it had to be a dream.  In my dream, Chris had a nice, biker/runner butt that you could bounce coins off of.  I’m not usually a butt kinda gal either, unless I’m watching an old movie with Gene Kelly in tight pants dancing around.  I might have Chris Wage and Michael in some pockets, but blue jeans usually have four pockets, right?  Chris Chamberlain has a permanent place in a pocket and Hutch does too.  Have I told you guys lately that I love you?

Speaking of weird dreams, I also dreamt I showed some cleavage to anybody who would look.  What was that about?

A big shout out to my tawl drinka wawta/other half, Mr. Smiff, who took all three kids with him to Cleveland, TN yesterday and allowed his favorite Hee Haw Honey a chance to have a quiet day and a fun, fun night.  One of these times, I hope he can come to one of these soirees.  He and the kids got home about 12:30 and then I was wide awake and watched Lady Bird’s funeral on C-Span til 3 in the morning. 

Ok, I’m going to get ready for church now.  I think.