Our favorite smilin’, brother Cee is one traveling man.  Why, tomorrow this time, he’ll be leaving on a jet plane with his honey, heading to that wonderful, romantic place called Italy.  (My mother refers to Italians as “Eye-tal-yans.”)  You know, CLC, it would be quite romantical to get married in Tuscany.  Just sayin’.

smileys-farm.jpgI felt pretty priviledged to be the official Smiley-ographer at the Farmer’s Market today.  I’ve made an observation about Mr. C.  Chris is one of those people who looks virtually the same in every picture he takes.   

If you go look at him in his Lance Armstrong costume, he’s standing just like this.

When he’s hanging out with his favorite decorator, he’s standing like this.

When he’s wearing his most snazzy ensembles, he stands like that.

When he was the Roller Rink King, ca 1981, he still had that stance.

When he’s about to almost drown in a foreign country, he sorta stands like that.

chriss-farm.jpgYou’ll be missed the next couple of weeks, dear Smilin’ McCeemy. Bon voy-ajee.