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Work and Cadavers

Work is weird.  It’s funny how you can come in new someplace to work and everybody in the joint likes you a ton, except for one person who is apparently jealous cause everybody digs you and tries as hard as they can to intimidate you.  Part of me is wanting to run o-f-t and find something else (like, what would I do?) then another part of me is like…No way.  I’m not going to let one person cause me to leave just cause they don’t like me. 

On another note…I was able to register for the Anatomy and Physiology I class so I’m down for two classes come fall.  I’ll be taking my Dumb Girl Math class on Saturday mornings and two nights a week I’ll do an hour and a half of A & P with one night of Lab. 

Somebody enlighten me…what does one do in Lab?  I hope they don’t bring cadavers in.  That will freak me out.  Not cause dead bodies freak me out.  That doesn’t bother me but the cadaver thing…see, my dad donated his body to Vanderbilt.  His father, his brother and sister donated their bodies to medicine when they died as well.  It’s a good thing to do.  I ain’t particularly interested in doing it myself (Gastrica wants to.  They’ll put her in a trunk of a car out there at the Body Farm. Not for Sista though). 

I never really thought a whole lot about Dad giving his earthly remains to Vanderbilt.  It never bothered me for a second.  In fact, I never really thought anything about it at all for a long time.  I don’t have a whole lot of connection with the whole earthly body anyhow.  Because of my faith, I believe totally that our bodies are nothing but shells and when we die, if we are in Christ, we are with the Lord Jesus Himself the minute the soul departs the body.  I totally and completely believe that.  I don’t believe in Purgatory or none of that.

I’ve been to the place where my father’s ashes are buried twice and both times have been in the last few years.  I have never felt the need to go there.  Both times I have been were because my nephew wanted to go and #2 wanted to go.  No big whoop.  It didn’t produce tears or weirdness for me.  Maybe if there were a headstone and all that it might be more of “Here Lies The Biffer” but really, as far as I’m concerned, whats left of him that lies beneath that ground at Woodlawn, is not him.  The way Vanderbilt does it is every so often, they have a mass burial of ashes and they have a marker recognizing them but it’s not individual.  At the time, it didn’t occur to my mother to get his ashes back and bury them somewhere else or sit him on top of the tv.  Knowing our luck, had we put it in an urn, it would’ve ended up like that scene in “Meet The Parents.” (Some of y’all probably think I’m being disrespectful about my dead father.  This is not so.  If he were here reading this, he’d be laughing louder than anybody. )

But anyway, I rambled about all that to say this…I was never bothered by Dad doing the Vanderbilt thing until some years after he died, I was watching this documentary on PBS that followed these people from the beginning of medical school until they finished. 

When the day came that they got to study a cadaver, they brought out the body (why do they feel the need to name dead bodies or skeletons stuff like “Stu” or “Larry?” ) and it sorta weirded me out a little.  Then, I remembered that I know Who I have believed in and remembered where my old man was and I was ok with it after that.  I just never thought about what they do with the bodies when they take them off.  I know they embalm them but they don’t use them for awhile.  My stepfather also donated his body to Vanderbilt.  What is it with my family and wanting to be fodder for medical students?  Oh yeah, it’s so people can learn more about the human body and how it works.   Not a bad thing.  Just don’t let ’em do that with your Sista.

Aunt Sista’s Brag Book

adam.jpgHave I ever introduced y’all to #1 Nephew Smiff?  Well, this is him.  He is very suave, debonaire and sophisticated.  I’ve been his aunt since he was 5.  He’s 23 now.  Yikes. 

Last night, I mentioned to Hazel about watching Lady Bird’s funeral on C-Span.  Because he is so sophisticated and worldly, having spent time modeling in Japan, he said “Oh, that’s the dog on King of the Hill isn’t it?”