Funny I had a comment about a post from about a year ago where I was most concerned because the fine folks at Maybelline had decided that “Coffee Glaze” was a lipstick shade they didn’t want to make anymore.  It’s all so ironic that this came up because as the Smiff Family left Cheddars last night, Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain” was on the speaker music and I started to sing with it very loudly (the line about Clouds in my coffee…I sang with much gusto), much to the dismay and total disgust of Holy Tara.  (Trying out new names on her since “The Drama Queen” is not allowed anymore)

So, anyway, the great news is that after about a year of buying lipstick shades I thought were close to Coffee Glaze and turned out not to be, I think I have found my replacement.  You would not believe the lipstick I have purchased thinking “Oh this is it!” and it turns out not to be.  Unfortunately, I can’t remember who makes it.  It may be Maybelline, but, the shade is called “Chocolate Shine” and it’s number is 505.  I’m sure it will be discontinued shortly cause I like it so much. 

Oh and my wonderful co-worker Amy, who I adore even though I had to explain the concept of blogs to her, brought me about 6 things to choose from to borrow for my high school reunion this weekend.   There was an outfit in that bunch that was meant for me to wear.  Alls I need now are shoes and earrings. 

Turns out the turnout for the Brentwood High School reunion is not so great.  BHS classmate Amy has access to a list of those attending and everybody I asked her if they were attending, aren’t so I’m glad I signed up for the Franklin one.  The FHS people must be a little different from the BHS people in that we actually want to see each other. 

I was at Arnolds Tuesday with Ginger and I ran into Craig Adams, who is a former FHS classmate/bandmate of mine who is like a bigshot arranger.  He’s been nominated (and probably won) Dove awards and stuff.  Anyway, I spotted Craig, who I have not seen since 1988 at a David Lipscomb basketball game, and we had a pre-reunion right there in the meat and three.  He’ll be there Saturday and I can’t wait to visit with Craig more. 

I had to go get the gray roots covered up (can’t go to my 20 year reunion with gray roots!) and the girl I have gone to the last couple hair do times was on vacation so I went to a new shop in Hendersonville called Tangles.  I recommend it.  Lindsay S. may have her a new client in the Sista.