hunter-and-kara-gee.jpgI didn’t greet Hunter Gee (pictured here with his lovely wife, Kara) with a “hello, how are ya?”  No sirreee. That just wouldn’t be the Sista Way, now would it?

I greeted my long ago classmate with “Can you still turn your tongue upside down?”  He performed his trick and then I made him guess who I was.  He wasn’t able to guess.  Seems my blondish highlights threw people.  Most of the BHS said things like “You had black, curly hair, didn’t you?”

Picture, if you will, 5th grade, Mrs. Stringer’s Language Arts class (seems to me there weren’t a thing artsy about that class).  Hunter had fire engine red, curly hair and until he showed me that day in 5th grade, I never knew a person could turn their tongue upside down. 

Hunter whipped out some old photographs taken when we were in 5th grade.  I spotted myself in the very middle, with my “I’m A Pepper” t-shirt and true to my Rainman form, I was able to name nearly every kid in the picture.  He had a picture of the boys in our class that  year and I swear, it made me want to cry….yes, Bo Heyward, you were in these great pictures, you party pooper who didn’t show up. 

Hunter is now a succesful architect type of guy and has him a couple kids.  I was pretty tickled to see Hunter.  He’s every bit as nice as I remember him being, in fact, Hunter was the first boy I can remember having “discussions” with.  These also took place in Mrs. Stringer’s Language Arts class….I don’t remember what we talked about but I’m sure it was powerful and heavy. 

lesli-and-sharon.jpg Lesli Pace Claiborne was the Class President, cheerleader type of gal.  I never felt worthy to pick up her pom pom dust but unlike a lot of the other cheerleader, “Beautiful People” (as me and Patrick called them) Lesli was a sweet, sweet girl.  We go back to elementary school, through junior high and when I got to Franklin.  

I was surprised she wanted to have her picture made with me.  I mean, yeah, I am the Sista and all (she doesn’t know that though) and then it dawned on me why she had Gary (her husband who sat in front of me in 7th grade homeroom) take a picture….Gary’s first cousin was my very first boyfriend and the very first feller to kiss your Sista.  I wonder if maybe they took that picture so Cousin Jimmy could see how much I aged.  I don’t know. 

jeff-and-cheri.jpgThis is Jeff and Cheri Redd.  Cheri grew up down the street from me and her husband, Jeff, was my pal from Freshman year.  Lordy mercy…Jeff and I were in Shop class together.  Imagine me in Shop?  That was my rebellion against taking Home Ec.  I no more cared about woodworking projects than I cared about making that apron with the pocket on it.  I was determined I was not going to do what the other girls did and take Home Ec.  My lack of housekeeping skill bears witness to the fact that I did not take Home Ec.

Anyway, Jeff Redd used to be a tiny little guy. He’s another one of those I knew from First Grade on.  He was hysterical.  I don’t remember what all me, him and Dean Littleton laughed so much about in Shop class, but, I remember most days nearly wetting my britches at those two. 

Jeff reminded me of something I either never knew or totally forgot about and that was that he worked for my father for about a year.  Dad had a radio station in Brentwood for a time and I vaguely remember him working there.  I was really, really touched by how, I don’t know if this is the right phrase, but, how Jeff holds my dad in high esteem.  He asked me “Do your kids realize how important your dad was?” 

Gosh, I’m glad I didn’t miss Jeff.  I was just about to leave for the night when I ran into Cheri and she took me to where Jeff was and we all had the nicest visit for over an hour.  I believe Jeff is a big shot with Home Depot.  They have lived all over the place and have four adorable children.  We exchanged emails and stuff.  Definitely want to stay in touch with the Redds.

beth-and-candy.jpgI was very glad to see Beth Canady McDaniel (left) and her longtime sidekick Candy Barnhill. 

 I was really glad Beth got to come.  See, not long ago, her husband survived a plane crash in Gallatin.  He broke his neck and had the same kind of injury Christopher Reeve had.  Had his neck broken a miniscule further on the spine, he’d have either died or ended up in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.  Kelly is a truly a walking miracle. 


Susan Turner and I became friends in 8th grade.  On the official scale of Twistedness, she and I are about the same level.  She’s another one of those people that I rarely see, but, when I do see her, we instantly become 14 again.