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An Unexpected Tribute

This is a different sort of post for me.  One, it’s pretty serious and two, it’s a curious sort of subject on many levels. 

I’ve mentioned a time or two here before about how me and Mr. Smiff took a “vacation” from one another in 2000-2001.  We were separated a total of about 18 months and actually divorced for a little over a year. 

During the time we were apart, Mr. Smiff met a lady and spent some time with her.  Her name was Beverly.  They met at a show of his somewhere and communicated for awhile and spent some time together.  I don’t know if you can call it “dating” but this all started right before Mr. Smiff and me started putting things back together. 

Beverly liked her some Mr. Smiff.  I can’t say that I blame her.  He is quite cute and from experience I can honestly say he is not hard to fall in love with. 

 Because Beverly herself was a divorced mother of three, when Mr. Smiff told her what was happening with me and him, she graciously stepped aside.  From her perspective, it was a crappy deal, although at the time, honestly, I didn’t think a whole lot about her feelings.  I was interested in putting my family back together.  I really never gave her a second thought other than the fact I was a tad jealous and for a long time worried if Mr. Smiff wondered if he made the right decision or not. (It is about me, you know)

I do want to clarify that Mr. Smiff met Beverly a good while after we separated and she had nothing to do with our separation.  I know somebody out there is wondering if she had anything to do with us divorcing.  She did not.  He met her about a year after we separated. 

Mr. Smiff got word earlier this week that Beverly was killed in a horrific and very tragic car accident in South Florida (where she lived) a couple weeks ago.  You can read more about the accident here.  (The paper website has removed the original article.)

I never met Beverly, but, by all accounts, she was a lovely, hardworking person, a devoted mother, a loved co-worker, daughter, sister and friend to many.  Mr. Smiff has always had nothing but nice things to say about her.  Had our situation not been what it was, she might’ve been somebody I’d have been friends with.  Looking at the program from her memorial service and seeing that the Division Fire Chief of Pembroke Pines, FL, where Beverly worked for many years gave her eulogy as did the mayor of Pembroke Pines.  The remembrances of people mentioned in the article and those who left comments in the newspaper speak volumes.

I had a thought the other day that I’ve never had before where Beverly was concerned:  She could’ve made our reconciliation very difficult had she wanted to.  She could have given me a hard time.  She could’ve given Mr. Smiff a hard time.  She did not.  In fact, she encouraged Mr. Smiff to try reconciling with me.  She was a few years older than him so she definitely had some maturity and life experience going for her, but, think about it….most women would’ve probably not been so gracious about getting their heart broken.  She knew the importance of  family and she encouraged him.  I’m sure it was hard for her to do.  Women can be so competitive when it comes to men.  I really owe Beverly a debt of gratitude that I can’t quite put into words.

My thoughts and prayers are with Beverly’s children, her large family and her many friends. 


During lunch, I went to the Madison Kmart.  I am still laughing out loud to myself on what I saw. 

I saw a Kmart employee restocking stuff in the health and beauty aisle and he picked up a bar of Dial Soap and was sniffing it for dear life.  Not just catching the aroma, but, sniffing it like it was lady’s drahs.

I can’t quit laughing about it.