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There Never Was A Hoss Like The Tennessee Stud

Last week, Co-Worker Dave mentioned his lovely Mrs. was a little out of sorts…kinda crabby, which is unusual for her.  I said to Co-Worker Dave, “I bet she’s pregnant.”  I said that cause when I was pregnant with the Holy Tara and didn’t know it yet, I had the urge to yank Mr. Smiffs head off.  There’s some things us women just know.

So this morning, when I got into the office, Co-Worker Dave tells me how when he got home yesterday, after sitting in traffic 2 hours, there was nobody to be seen when suddenly, his adorable, two year old daughter appears with one of his shirts on that said “Big Sister.”  Hee!  I knew it!

Not that I had a thing to do with it, but, I’m proud of calling that one.  I’m tickled for this sweet little family.  Tickled it ain’t me ‘spectin fo sho. 

Want To See A Smiff?

The Grascals are hitting the Ryman Auditorium tonight for “Bluegrass Night at The Ryman.”  I imagine you can still get tickets. I’ll be there somewhere in the mix.

 If you can’t get to the Ryman, yet still desire to see Mr. dierksgrascals.jpgSmiff slap that bass, the guys will be on Opry Live this weekend on GAC.  My boyfriend, Dierks Bentley, is also on and performs with them Grascals.