Last week, Co-Worker Dave mentioned his lovely Mrs. was a little out of sorts…kinda crabby, which is unusual for her.  I said to Co-Worker Dave, “I bet she’s pregnant.”  I said that cause when I was pregnant with the Holy Tara and didn’t know it yet, I had the urge to yank Mr. Smiffs head off.  There’s some things us women just know.

So this morning, when I got into the office, Co-Worker Dave tells me how when he got home yesterday, after sitting in traffic 2 hours, there was nobody to be seen when suddenly, his adorable, two year old daughter appears with one of his shirts on that said “Big Sister.”  Hee!  I knew it!

Not that I had a thing to do with it, but, I’m proud of calling that one.  I’m tickled for this sweet little family.  Tickled it ain’t me ‘spectin fo sho.