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The truck belongs to Dierks Bentley.  The cones were set up by Bobo and the Manchild.  Seems Dierks parked in dierks-truck.jpgLittle Jimmy Dickens’ parking spot at the Opry the other night.

One of these days, I will meet Dierks. tara-dierks.jpg 

The Opry performance airs tonight (Saturday) on GAC and tomorrow. 

Smiff and Stubbs


When it comes to country dj types, I’m somewhat snobby about who is good and who I think isn’t.  I think I have every right to be that-a-way. 

Eddie Stubbs is a one of a kind.  I am not alone  in that thought.  He’s a young guy with an old soul.  I hate, hate, hate, that my Dad died before Eddie moved to town.  They would have been great buddies.  Eddie reveres the Old Man and is pretty honored to share the same birthday, November 25, as Biff. 

The first time I ever saw Eddie was before he was in Nashville.  We were at the IBMA awards in Owensboro in 1994.  Eddie came out to give an award for something and I leaned over to Mr. Smiff and said “Boy, he has a nice voice.  He should be in radio.”  Mr. Smiff sorta went “Duh!”  

Everybody should have one of these Stubbs shirts.  You can get one of these shirts from here

Thing that amazes me about this picture…Eddie is a rather tall feller.  I guess he and Mr. Smiff are about the same height.  I have on a wedge heel in this picture and I still look very short.