The framed photograph hung in my childhood home as far as I can remember.  I’m not even sure when it was taken, but, it appeared to be in a recording studio.  It now hangs in my sister’s home. The first thing I always noticed when I’d look at it was the piano keys at the bottom whereas my sister noticed something on the buttons on his jacket that looked like a face.  I never noticed that before.

I have the little trumpet he’s playing in the picture.  The Manchild drew on Sandra’s brand new walls with the mouthpiece on the big trumpet when she had lived in her house about 5 minutes.  He was about 3.  “Look!  Circles!”  Heh.

 Dad’s trumpet is also in my sister’s home.  I was trying to create an artsy fartsy moment with Dad’s picture and his trumpet.

Dad was a decent trumpet player.  He was in the San Antonio Junior Orchestra when he was a teenager.  His original aspiration was to be a Benny Goodman or Glenn Miller.  He often played his trumpet at church.  The town_hall_party.jpgneighbors in Hallbrook remember many New Years Eves when he would play Auld Lang Syne at midnight on the front porch.  The 4th of July he would play something patriotic.  He often woke us in the morning playing Revelry.  I didn’t like that too much.