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I am so pulling this out of left field, but, this thought just occurred to me when co-worker Matthew (Mattchew is what I call him) and I were discussing public speaking and how neither of us are scared of it and how for some people it’s one of the scariest  (right up there with fear of bridges. Didja know it’s called Gephysrophobia?) of all phobias.  I’ve been scared shitless to sing in public to the point of panic attacks, but, I’m a little better about that now.  Talking?  Pshht.  Piece o’cake.

There have been a few times I’ve had to speak in public in my life and none of those times has ever freaked me out.  Why, the first time I ever spoke publicly in front of an audience was in 1976 at my First Grade Bicentennial program.  This is what I said…ahem…

Free people, remember this maxim: We may acquire liberty, but it is never recovered if it is once lost ~ Jean-Jacques Rousseau

I honestly had no clue what what I was saying meant.  I also didn’t know until about 5 minutes ago where the quote came from. 

A little Sista Trivia for this hot, August, Friday afternoon.

My Celebrity Look Alike

The Bariatric Baroness sent me this in email and then Ginger had it on her site. It also said I looked like Alicia Silverstone.  Whatever.

I Didn’t Hear Nobody Pray


This is the second wreck I’ve seen in just about the same spot this week in Hendersonville.  Interesting thing is the same woman, wrecker truck driver worked both wrecks.  That ol’ gal is a hoss. You can see her with the reeeeally blonde hair.  If there’s ever a vehicle on top of me, forget the EMS, call her.  She’s not a big woman, really, but, man, is she strong.

Me and #2 watched them turn this vehicle over.  I hope whoever was in it is ok.


Overheard at the Smiff House Thursday morning about 7:00 a.m.

Mother Smiff to  #2 Son:(who was being dropped off by Father Smiff):  You need to brush your teeth before you go.

#2 Son Smiff:  But Mooo-ooom….I brushed my teeth everyday while I was in Knoxville!