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Ruh Roh

The fine folks at Cartoon Network are airing the original Scooby Doo episodes today.  #2 is obsessed. So much so, gangbook.gifhe’s channeling Shaggy.

“Like, I’m hungry, man.”

I think he’s even said “zoiks” a time or two.  He even asked if I had a bandana he could use for his ascot…you know…like Freddie’s.  (For those just tuning in, #2 likes to dress and become his favorite cartoon characters)

It does do a 70’s pop culture queen’s heart good to see her kid into Scooby Doo.  Was there ever a better cartoon?

When we went to see the first Scooby Doo movie when it came out, #2 was about 3 years old.  There was a part where Shaggy was looking for Scooby and he said “Scooby Doo, where are you?”  The theater was really quiet and #2 said “Roh-ver here”.  I know I’ve told that before but it’s just funny.

Cool Scooby Doo website here.




Cell phone pictures are never really great.  I think this one is though. 

I married a handsome feller.

Honey I Miss You

Whatever happened to Bobby Goldsboro?

I am digging the hair, man. And the gargantuan collar. I hope that hairstyle comes back in for the menfolk. Wait…was it ever in?