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Don’t You Wish Your Co-Workers Were Hot Like Mine?

I’m officially over my former workplace that dumped me almost a year ago.  Yes, I cried and grieved over it but you won’t see me doing that no mo’ for the old workplace.  Sista, you are asking yourself….Whatever erased the fondness for your old workplace and gave you a new love of the people you work with now? What did it?

Cool Co-Worker Susan brought me an Oreo Cookie Sonic Blast, just cause it’s so dang hot out. She brought Dave and Cherry one, too. 

That right there is a good co-worker.  Plus, she’s hilarious and tells funny stories about her husband.

Ancient Chinese Secret

Apparently, something purple, like a marker or something, made it into the washing machine with my khaki capris.  I now have purple splotches on my pants. It’s purty.  I’m so good at laundry. You’d think after all these years of washing clothes for 5 people, I’d get the concept of checking the pockets before emptying.

You never know what you’re going to find in the bottom of my washing machine:

 Manchild…pencils.  Pencils that have been sharpened down to nothing more than an eraser.  I have washed his Learner’s Permit.  It’s very clean. 

Holy Tara….oddly enough she doesn’t leave much behind in the washer….

#2…action figures…

Mr. Smiff…paper towels.  Those are his versions of handkerchiefs.  


I have found as much as $20 in the bottom of the washing machine and in the dryer before. 

We are very organized at Casa de Smiff.