Apparently, something purple, like a marker or something, made it into the washing machine with my khaki capris.  I now have purple splotches on my pants. It’s purty.  I’m so good at laundry. You’d think after all these years of washing clothes for 5 people, I’d get the concept of checking the pockets before emptying.

You never know what you’re going to find in the bottom of my washing machine:

 Manchild…pencils.  Pencils that have been sharpened down to nothing more than an eraser.  I have washed his Learner’s Permit.  It’s very clean. 

Holy Tara….oddly enough she doesn’t leave much behind in the washer….

#2…action figures…

Mr. Smiff…paper towels.  Those are his versions of handkerchiefs.  


I have found as much as $20 in the bottom of the washing machine and in the dryer before. 

We are very organized at Casa de Smiff.