I need a new purse.  I did not know this until yesterday. 

 I don’t care about purses.  I’m not the kinda gal that collects handbags or gives a roaring whiff about them (unlike some people.) I am too poor to care about purses. I have three kids, for the love of Imelda Marcos. 

Yesterday, I had to go on an errand with a co-worker.  We get in the car and she says to me “Girl, you need a summer purse! That is a winter purse!”  (Her precursor to the statement with “Girl!” gave me pause. I hate it when people say that) She was horrified that I’m still carrying the purse I bought at Old Navy in December that I got on sale for $10.  I have had more compliments on my winter purse, even in the summer.  I will carry it until it falls apart.  That’s just what I do.  Forgive me for such a fashion faux pas.

I explained to Girl that I  don’t care about purses.  She goes on a tangent about how her family all bought her Chaps (or something like that) purses for Christmas.  Whoop. Tee. Doo.

This is the same girl who didn’t think my lip gloss was cool or poppin’ a couple months ago.  She said “WHAT is that on  your lip?”  I guess she thought I had the herpes or something.  Girl is gonna catch me on a bad day and I will have to rip her a new arse-hole.