From early 2001 to 2005, I was a member of First Baptist Church, Hendersonville.  This is a huge church with something like 8,000 members.  I stopped going there because it was so gigantic.  I missed my smaller (not tiny, just smaller than FBC) congregation. 

My favorite part of First Baptist Hendersonville was the phenomenal preacher man there, Dr. Glenn Weekley.  I don’t know Bro. Glenn up close and personal.  I have exchanged some emails with him.  I emailed him the day after June Carter Cash’s funeral and commended him for keeping the whole thing under control at the end when it was beginning to turn chaotic.  Lordy mercy.   He is somebody I admire a ton and respect more than I can quite put into words.

In a big church like that, it’s almost impossible to have a close relationship with the pastor (why I went back to Bluegrass) however, Bro. Glenn is who I credit, besides the Good Lord, for my marriage being restored and still kicking to this day.  Bro. Glenn did a sermon series on marriage in 2001 and that helped things come back together at the Smiff House.  He was very encouraging to me through email and his words were very important then and now.  Bro. Glenn was just doing his job, but, he will forever be important to the Smiffs because of that.

After surviving two kidney transplants, Bro. Glenn is now facing pancreatic cancer.   His medical team feels like they have found the cancer in its very early stages and are very hopeful and because of that, they are really praying for healing.  I believe in the power of prayer and healing and if you do, remember Bro. Glenn Weekley in your prayers. 

You can hear some of Bro. Glenn’s sermons here