In Junior High and High School, our resident pervert was Marc(Hey Man)  Locke.  Marc was about 8 feet tall and wore his hormones on his sleeve.  He was a nice looking kid and really funny, except in band when he’d stick his drumstick up me and Kim Whitehurst’s butts. There we’d be, trying to follow the music in concert band so we could hit the bass drum (shut up. I rocked as a bass drummer) and at key moments, that Marc would strike.

We were in that classy store, Spencers, the other day.  This t-shirt made me think of Marc Locke…gynecologist.jpg

The reason that makes me think of Marc is cause he used to always say he wanted to be a gynecologist and then he’d laugh this evil, perverted laugh.  I remember I asked him one time “Marc…do you still want to be a gynecologist?” to which he replied “No.  My mother told me she’d be my first customer.”  Heh. 

Perverted though he was, Marc was a trip.  He wasn’t at our reunion a couple weeks back.  Seems Marc is the father of a daughter and she had a tournament ballgame or something.  I bet Marc doesn’t take too kindly to thoughts of young pervs messing with his daughter.

It’s a comfort to know some things in life never change.  Spencers is one of those non-changing things.  They don’t still have Cheryl Tiegs posters in the back but they still have purple lights, disco balls, Games to Play in Bed, and other useless crap. 

They also had this shirt of Uncle Willie, which I really want to get but I can’t wear it around the church folks…willie.jpg