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Let’s Go To School

Going into school with #2 to meet the teacher. Look closely and you will see Muffia live and in person.

Am I A Fickle, Real Minded Girl?

Say Boy

This is what I’m listening to this morning to get me to work around here. This is just the coolest of the cool to me. Mr. Smiff will love this.


I’m off today.  I haven’t taken a vacation day all summer.  I don’t have many of them.  In fact, after today, I think I have something like 2.5 hours of vacation accrued.

I got to lay in the bed til about 8:45.  I always wake up at 4:30 the first time regardless.  I’ve dozed in and out.  One time I woke to the sounds of the cat puking.  It was lovely. 

The plan is to get something accomplished here at the Smiff House.  We’ll see how that goes.