I forgot to brag on some other people who were present during “The Big KO of 07” and were very helpful to us.

We think of lifeguards as being somewhat David Hasselhoffish and nothing more than eye candy at the pool or beach.  The guys and girls who spend their summers lifeguarding at our local YMCA definitely look like they could be on that show…dang, I can’t remember the name of the Hasselhoff show about lifeguards.  BAYWATCH! That’s it! Anyway….

Within seconds of me hollering at the people in line with their fingers up their noses to get a lifeguard, we were surrounded by a host of handsome hotties who, in spite of looking extremely hawt, were very professional, mature, full of mad lifeguarding skillz, and genuine care and concern for my kid.  It never ocurred to me to call 911, but, they took care of that. 

When the Holy Tara came to and saw she was surrounded by gorgeous guys, she started crying out of sheer embarrassment.  These guys were fantastic to us and I am very appreciative of how they handled the situation so I want to say here out loud for all to hear that we should all find a handsome lifeguard and hug them.  Our bunch looked somewhat like this bunch.