I have a student ID, parking decal so that means I’m officially a college student.  August 28 is the big day.  Geez, but books are expensive! 

I had not got on Facebook until the other day.  I had meant to but would forget about it.  The first 5 minutes on there, I found one of my favorite friends from high school that I have not communicated with or seen in 20 years.  I was flabbergasted, but, very happy to hear from this old friend and hear he’s doing well.  Wonderful, wonderful guy.

Holy Tara is doing well but still has a little headache.  I’m on my soap box about the importance of staying hydrated so y’all drink your water in this heat!

Kids are still pumped on First Week of School high.  I wish they could stay that pumped all through the school year.  Manchild is in Advanced European History, Theater Arts II (yay! Two productions!)….#2 is pepped up about school and snacktime.

I have a buttload of work to catch up on after missing two days.