Mr. Smiff and Them have snagged themselves a sponsor. This is a very good thing.  Before long, you will be hearing and seeing a commercial that will feature the one and only Mista and his gang of hoodlums promoting this product

“Mayberry’s Finest” is a subsidiary of Vietti Foods.  Everybody is pretty excited about this.  Most of the Grascals are historians of the Andy Griffith show, so it’s  a perfect marriage. They will even have a bus with that on it.  It’s auntbeesign.jpgpretty exciting to us.  I think the fact that this picture hangs in our kitchen was an omen.

Mr. Smiff has already appeared on a can of chili WITH beans.  The Vietti people had no idea how appropriate that was.

We have sampled the product and it is good.  I hope you will watch for it and try it yourself.