Let’s Talk About Glen Campbell

Earlier this week, WNPT (Nashville’s public tv station) aired The Best of the Glen Campbell Good Time Hour, which is now available on dvd. I swear, me and Mr. Smiff watched with total awe at the unbelievable Campbell talent.

I think Glen could possibly be one of the more underrated artists in American music. In his prime, vocally, he was virtually unmatched. On these shows, nearly everybody he harmonizes with, he overshadows them. I don’t think it was his intent, but, he really did. Poor BJ Thomas came on to sing his monstrous “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head” and he might as well have stayed home. Glen’s harmonizing was so incredible, that’s all you paid attention to. He didn’t outsing Ray Charles, but, boy oh boy, this clip of them dueting on “Crying Time” is so good, it nearly made me cry.

I was pretty crazy about this clip of Glen and Rick Nelson. 

And this clip of Glen and Linda Ronstadt…

That’s not even mentioning his guitar ability. Sheesh. The Guy from Delight, Arkansas, can sure pick. Forget the really sad mugshot of a couple years ago, that whole wife-swapping thing with Mac Davis…forget the Tanya Tucker years. We can forgive him for his poor decisions cause he’s such an American treasure who deserves more accolades, me thinks.

Me and Chris were discussing the other day how television “variety” now is so lame compared to stuff like this. In 1969, you could see stuff like this on tv…Glen Campbell, Johnny Cash, The Smothers Brothers, Sonny and Cher, Dean Martin, etc. Now, we get “So You Think You Can Dance” and “So You Think You Can Lip Sync” or whatever…pretty sad.