Because it’s too hot to do anything except enjoy the veritable plethora of Elvis specials I have recorded in the last week, I am still celebrating the King.

I have especially been scouring the live performances, mainly trying to figure out which one of the Sweet Inspirations is Cissy Houston. Still not sure.

Yeah, yeah, I live an exciting life, don’t I? BarCamp, schmarcamp. Or is it Band Camp? I think I’m the only person alive who hasn’t seen “American Pie” and know the reference. I’m also one of the few who STILL doesn’t know what they do at BarCamp.  I have been to band camp for real ‘do. Shut up. When that movie came out, I was knee-deep in the Disney Collection with my Teens, who were then wee ones.

Anyway, I was on the phone with the Mista (who is way up in the top of Michigan and says it’s near ’bout chilly!) and thinking out loud, I said “Just who IS C.C. Rider and what did he/she need to see what they had done? I mean, it musta been something fierce for the King of Rock and Roll to make his signature opening number be about this Rider person.

Oddly enough, I’ve never pondered the lyrics to “CC Rider.” That’s one of those songs that you hear and just don’t pay any attention to other than the beat and it’s ease to dance to.

So, I look up CC Rider and I don’t find any clear cut answers as to what it means, exactly. Some say it’s a blues term for a sexual padnah and where the term “Easy Rider” originates. Others say it’s a term for hobos and some say it stands for Costum Cycle Rider.

Leave it to your Sista to uncover important things like this.