I haven’t had a kindergartener in several years now.  When your kids get older, you tend to forget, well, not forget, but you just don’t think as much about how much children change that first year in school. 

I will never forget what the late George Whitten, who was principal of Wessington Elementary School in Hendersonville (now the school bears his name)  said to us parents of kindergarten graduates in the Spring of 1998…”These kids are not the same kids you brought to us last fall.”  He was so right.  That first year of school changes them so much.  Before long, the teeth start falling out, changing their appearance even more and it flies even quicker from then on. 

I first saw my niece Hannah the day she came home from the hospital.  It’s so hard for me to grasp that she is in school.  That was just a few weeks ago, wasn’t it?  Sheesh. 

Even the Manchild is starting to understand why we babble on so about how old it makes us feel to see kids we tyler___hannah.jpgremember as teeny babies or in utero growing up.  You look at this picture of a ten year old Manchild holding a days old Hannah.  I don’t know what’s more mindblowing…that the baby is in kindergarten and the little boy holding her is about 6’2 and weighs somewhere between 210 and 220, and has razor stubble.  O can barely remember what his voice sounded like in 2002.  I even made the concious effort (whoa…I just channeled the Biffer there!) today to hear #2’s voice and put in my memory bank what it sounds like now cause before you know it, he’s going to be Manchild #2. 

Hannah is a hoot.  She is her own woman.  Her mother told me the other day that Hannah was saying her prayers and she told God that she hoped “you’re enjoying being the Lord.” Funny girl.