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I go to a great church.  It’s by no means the biggest church around nor is it perfect.  Everybody that sets foot in there is flawed in some way but we all have the same goal…to deepen our walk with God. 

Something really cool and wonderful about having a church family is the “family” part.  I’ve been part of this church since 1994.  I started going here when the Manchild was 2 and the Holy Tara was 14 months old.  There are lots of people that I worship with that I just adore.

One of the first pairs of church ladies I remember keeping the HT in the nursery was Pat and her daughter Darlene.  I’ve been in Sunday School with both of these ladies for years and just love them both to pieces.  Both of these ladies work for the State, as I do.  Pat was a little concerned about where she thought I was working within the State at the beginning.  She was fearful I had walked smack dab into a stressful environment and the relief that came over her face when she realized where I was working was just the sweetest thing.  She had actually worried about that.  That’s what families do.

Tonight, I’m worried for Pat.  She is in the ICU battling a raging pneumonia.  She’s not improving and I’m so concerned for her and for her family. She is about the same age as my mother and Hazel.  I just can’t imagine the thought even of not sitting next to this fun lady every week in Sunday School who likes to know EVERYTHING.  Details, baby, details.  She’s a hoot. 

   Pat’s a great lady. If you are a praying person, say one for her.  


And This Is How It Goes…

Because we all need to hear “Supercalifragilistickexpealidocious” in Italian….Good to know some things like “Umdiddalidda-lidda-um-diddle-eye” is the same in any language. 

Let Sauerkraut Sprout

The Smiff’s lost power at the ol’ homestead last night. I had heard of others in the area losing power cause of all the heat and stuff, but, this was the first time it happened to us. At least it went off at 10:00 and only stayed off about an hour and a half. I fell asleep before it came back on.

While we were in darkness, me and #2 had some interesting conversations by candlelight.  (The Holy Tara was spending the night at a friend’s and the Manchild was at the Hendersonville/Station Camp football game, in which I hear was a really good game with SC winning).  I was telling #2 that he should try out for the chorus at school and the song they have to sing is pretty easy (My Country Tis Of Thee).  He didn’t seem to excited so I started to sing him another version of this patriotic classic that I learned from one Reagan Echols in about 1975.  (Good golly…Reagan would be in his 40’s now as he was older than I. Anybody know him or where he is? He’s Jerry Reed’s nephew)

It goes a little sumpin ‘lak this:

 My country’s tired of me, I’ll go to Germany

To see the Queen

Their food is sauerkraut, it makes your ears stick out

From every mountainside, let saurkraut sprout.

I never cease to be amazed at the silly things that will make #2 laugh like there is no tomorrow.  “Sing it again”….so there, by candlelight, I sang it again.  And again. Until he fell asleep.

Another thing that causes belly-aching laughter (Susan are you listening?) is when I squeeze my face together and say “My name’s Chubby…my mama’s chubby, my daddy’s chubby, e’en my dog’s chubby….My mama told me fat babies can’t smile but I’ll show her….”  Hee.  Susan was famous for that in middle school.  At our recent reunion, Rob Pomeroy didn’t know who I was speaking of when I said her name, but, then I reminded him of 8th grade Math in mean ol’ Mr. Smotherman’s class when Susan would do that.  He remembered.  HA!

Speaking of school, me and #2 went up to Vol State this morning to get my books.  I forgot it was “The President’s Picnic” and we hung around to see if we’d win the Nintendo system or Ipod.  We won neither.  I did find my classrooms and all that good stuff.  I’m pumped and ready to go.

They were out of used books so that means I got new ones.  To the tune of $361.33.  #2 asked if he could have them when I’m done.  Uh, no.  

Very cool Anatomy and Physiology book.  It has either Venus or Serena Williams on the cover and is packed full of neat stuff.  There’s a book that goes with it that’s “An Atlas to the Human Body” and it has photos of a cadaver’s body parts.  I was showing the boys (hee…they were ewwwing and ahhhing) the pictures (they searched out the ones of the crotch.  Shocker) and I opened up a picture of the uterus and ovaries  or maybe it was kidneys,   (remember, real pitchers) and #2 says “Oh look!  It’s cabbage!” 

This is going to be an interesting ride through the human body.  I can’t help but wonder what my 7th grade Science teacher, Bill Rucker, who has since passed on to that great classroom in the sky) who gave me D’s cause he liked me (kept me from repeating 7th grade), would say.  I giggled my way through Anatomy and here I am, 38 years old and going to try to learn it for real. He’d probably say in his ever-so-dry way “Dat’s beautiful, Miz Collie.”  That’s what he always would say to me when I’d interrupt with a long, babbling story about something that had nothing to do with what he was talking about.  He was one laid back man.

 Life is a trip, ain’t it?