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From The God’s Still In The Business of Miracles Department…

I told y’all about my friend, Pat, who has really been fighting for her life for a week now a couple days ago.  I don’t think she’s out of the woods yet, but, she’s FINALLY beginning to wake up and respond to her family.  That gets a big ol’ country, YEE HAW from me. 

 Come on, Pat….come on.  We’re pulling for ya.

Annoying Co-Worker Pause

It is now 10:03.  Annoying Co-Worker has spent two hours going from person to person in the office, retelling the story of her newly college freshman daughter’s roomate (who she has known a week) wrecking the brand new car. It’s always a tragedy and drama in this household and I know arythang. It’s tedious.

It’s going to be a long day. 

Holy Homeostasis, Batman!

When I was just a child Sista, when Strep Throat would rear it’s ugly head every year, lots of kids would get it.  I remember my sister had it and others close to me had it.  I think the reason I never had it then was cause the standard treatment was a Penicillin shot in the bottom.  The thought of having to drop my drahs to get shots there was so mortifying to me (I really didn’t care about the needle), that was just about my greatest fear was to get strep and have to get a shot.

I never got strep til I was 31 years old and it was perhaps the sickest I have ever been to date.  I wasn’t even offered a shot then.  I’m prone to sinus infections and get at least a couple a year that send me to the doctor’s office to get a perscription.   I actually keep a sinus infection rolling most of the time.  I break down and go get something for it a couple times a year.  The sinus stuff reached a level some years ago, that it was rare for me not to have one, I had a septoplasty performed to correct the deviated septum that was preventing air from getting in.  That sucker was so curved, on the X ray, Dr. Tom Holzen showed me what appeared to be like the curved handle of an umbrella and said “That’s the problem.”

I had that surgery in January of 2000 and for a good while, I didn’t have any sinus infections at all.  The doctor said it wouldn’t cure them forever, but, it would help and it did.  I know I don’t want to have any kind of sinus surgery again.

So I’ve been walking around with a sinus thing now for at least a couple months.   They’ll make me miserable for a day or two, then ease up…kinda ebb and flow.  This week it was getting to the point it was trying really hard to move south into the bronchial area so I figured I’d better get something.

I went into a new walk in place in Hendersonville since my doctor’s office is only open part of the day on Wednesday (grrr) and I’m glad I did.  I saw a PA that I swear could be Aunt B’s sister except she was blonde.  Before I saw her, I heard her through the wall and I thought “That sounds like a blogger” but couldn’t think which one and she came in and there was Blonde Aunt B

She looked in my nose and went “Oh goodness” and said she liked to treat sinus infections head on and would I be opposed to a couple shots.  I was not opposed and got a cortisone shot in one cheek and some sort of antibiotic shot in the other that hurt like the dickens.  It wasn’t bad going in, but, until I went to bed last night, that thing throbbed and hurt. 

It was worth the sore arse though because within about an hour, I began to feel like a different person.  Within a couple hours, I could breathe through my nose. (You don’t appreciate not being able to til you can) and I just plain feel better than I’ve felt in weeks. 

Funny how over time, you just get used to feeling bad and you just adapt and adjust and go about your routine.  Homeostasis has been interuppted (I’m trying to adapt and learn to use A & P terminology. Just ignore)  Then, when you get medicine and things start behaving normally again, you’re like “Oh mah gawsh!

Next time I have a sinus infection, I’m going to see Aunt B’s twin.  I’m also going to ask the regular doctor why they don’t offer to shoot their patients up more.