There’s nothing that matches that feel good-ness you feel on a Friday afternoon when work is done and you have a three day weekend ahead of you.  That’s one of those feelings I wish I could bottle and take out of my purse when I need a little pick me up.

Normally, I’d look at a long weekend like this and look forward to late nights with the DVR and watching a ton of old movies.  Thing is, I have a class Saturday mornings from now til December so I guess my movies will have to take a backseat.

I have been trying to watch Mildred Pierce all week long.  I’ve had it on the dvr for weeks and haven’t gotten around to watching it.  I’ve watched it in 15 minute increments and have fallen asleep every time.  I haven’t fallen asleep cause it’s a bad movie.  It’s a great movie and Joan Crawford, coat hangers or not, she was fabulous in this movie and deserved that Oscar she got for it.  It’s a great story.  I’ve mildred.jpgonly gotten to the part where Veda gets her car.  I have to read every night now that I’m a college girl and I get tarred.  I still don’t know who killed Monte.  I’m thinking it was that dumb Veda and Mildred tried to make it look like Jack Carson’s character did it.  I find myself wanting to strangle Veda.

Another highlight of MP is the Eve Arden’s supporting role.  Most of our generation knew her as the principal in Grease, but, you talk about a sassy, witty and all around scene stealer?  Eve had it going on. Maybe I’ll finish it this weekend. Depends on that three hour class and what kind of homework I’ll have.