My Math class is not a traditional sort of class setting.  It’s the kinda thing where I can do most of it from my computer and basically, all I have to do is turn in my homework and go and take the tests in the thing they call “New Skills”.  They have instructors up there all the time so I can go on Saturdays or not.  Pretty neat. I have to be logged in at least three hours a week. I can do it there or here in the privacy and “comfort” of the Smiff House.

I’m quite grateful that my firstborn is as smart as he is.  I was taking an assessment test online and had to ask his help.  He’s really good at explaining stuff. I’ve seen him help #2 with homework.  He’s got a knack. He’s gonna get sick of helping his mother with her Math.  I can tell. 

Even the Holy Tara looked at my book and said “Like…this is easy!”  I said to my dear daughter to look at the title of the book….”Basic Math.”  Duh.

A couple of things that have crossed my mind this first week of college…one, I can not imagine being say, 18, taking a full course load and being at a UT or someplace like that.  How in the world do kids stay focused with all the extra curriculars going on?  I’d have lasted about 5 minutes at a university when I was younger.

Secondly, the human body is an amazing thing.  I’m already amazed at the intricacies of how every little thing works.  I never knew that blood vessels have their own muscles.  I learned this week how/why we get goosebumps.  I learned a lot about the epithelium and so many things. I have a lot of material to learn by December. 

I’m reminded and  blown away through this first week of A & P at how great God is.  He made these bodies and designed them down to the smallest detail.  Every little artery, capillary, muscle, tissue….it’s really amazing.  That any of this just happened or is the result of a Big Bang or whatever, to me, is nuts.  Stuff this great doesn’t just happen.

This is gonna be fun.