Me and this girl named Jana were supposed to sing this song this morning at church. I have been listening to it for a week or so and was feeling pretty good about throwing my part in. It’s a beautiful song.

Jana’s a really good singer and she knows Selah stuff really well so I didn’t give it much thought that we hadn’t had any time to rehearse. I had downloaded the music from Digital Download but never could get it printed. Everywhere I tried to print it (Kinko’s, church) access to Active X control was denied. (Printer at home doesn’t work). No problemo, Kathy the pianist had the Selah book this song was in.

(This is where it turns into Lucy and Ethel Sing a Song at Church.)

Kathy had her husband bring the book with him this morning. We get the book, turn to page 45 and there’s no song. Somebody removed the song for whatever reason. Me, Jana, Kathy and this girl named Melissa did a mad search around the choir room for the music. Craig had his violin ready. I commenced to having a mini-hotflash but I was determined not to get all wigged out and upset. Poor Kathy was feeling bad, like it was her fault.

We tried to improvise without the music, but, Kathy wasn’t comfortable so we decided to do another song in the book. We ran through it once or twice and amazingly, it came out really nice. All of this commenced within less than hour but we pulled it off.

This is what we sang instead.