After a three days on the road, Mr. Smiff needs to catch up on his beauty rest.

We’ve spent this holiday eating grilled hamburgers prepared by Nephew Smiff,  Sista’s Baked Beans, Hash Brown Casserole, Lemon Gooey Butter Cake.  Me and the Mista watched,and thoroughly enjoyed Directed By John Ford, a documentary on the legendary filmmaker, directed by Peter Bogdanavich. (I know what you’re thinking…excitement just never stops over there with them Smiffs).  I’ve never seen interviews with John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart and Henry Fonda done like these were done.  I had never seen these before and they are fabulous.  Wage, have you seen this?  You’d love it.

  Three day weekends are never long enough. Glad to have the Old Man home though.  The Grascals are on the Grand Ole Opry tomorrow (Tuesday 9/4) and oh yeah…mark your calendars for New Year’s Eve.  They will be returning for what is turning out to be a New Year’s tradition, bringing the new year in at the World Famous Station Inn.