It was fun being somewhat blondish-like this summer, but, I’m back to my real hair color….brunette.  Who says I’m about 75% gray?  I know not of what you’re talking about.  I have the same hair color I had in 1987. Do too.

There’s a girl in my A & P class who is probably not even 18 yet.  Cute as a button.  She has the same color hair I used to have once upon a time.  How I covet her brunette that is not from a bottle  (I can spot natural or for real as good as Truvy could spot a bottle job in 20 paces.)  Oh well, someday I’ll embrace it, but, that day ain’t here yet.

Y’know, I’m glad I have the kinda hair that grows kinda like kudzu in Georgia, however, it’s kinda expensive and it’s a pain. I will have skunk roots within a week I bet. The thing about having the lighter hair, it tends to get brassy. I’ve been told that using that shampoo for gray hair (blue hair stuff) will help with the brassiness, but, I forget to try it.

This first day of Adderalling it has been uneventful.  I felt slightly jumpy this morning and by midday, I sorta felt like this:

It’s a time release thing and it’s supposed to last all day. Here it is 9:30, and I’m still feeling pretty good. The Engineering Brother in Law and I have bonded even more so over our Adderall. He said something about mood swings. That’s all I need!

Tonight, I still have to finish making a model of a cell with #2. I stole the cake idea from the Atwood Zoo.  The Manchild is into his brother’s Science project.  He just asked if he could have a bite of cytoplasm if there’s any leftovers.