It is 1:20 a.m.  I’m wide awake.  I know it’s the medicine and all and I’ll adjust, etc. but I’m concerned because my alarm will sound at 5:30. 

I washed a load of clothes, finished #2’s Cell project, picked up some crap, loaded the dishwasher,(all of said activities, I want it noted took place after 10:00 pm) and turned the DVR on and to my utter delight saw a documentary, of sorts, that I forgot I scheduled to record on Cowboy Jack Clement on WNPT.  I would imagine they’ll show it again.  If you want to see some most-likely never-before-seen video footage of Johnny Cash that will make you wet your pants laughing, among other bizarre and out-of-the-ordinary things, check the listing or find the dvd for Shakespeare Was A George Jones Fan.

I feel a yawn coming on.  I’m going to go grab it and see if it brings me sleep.